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Ensuring privacy is an important task for us. Which is why we describe in our privacy policy what information we collect and how we use this information. By using the information and services on and its subsites, you agree to our privacy policy and the terms and conditions that we have included therein.


Nils van der Celen automatically collects data using ‘cookies’ (see cookies). The data that are communicated, expressly or automatically, are recorded and processed in the database of Nils van der Celen, Jan van Rijswijcklaan 34/18, 2018 Antwerpen. Nils van der Celen is the controller of the personal data collected through the website and/or other channels, and monitors the processing that other parties carry out at its request.

Use of your data

At the moment you provide personal data to us (e.g. when submitting certain forms), Nils van der Celen always tries to clearly request consent for the use of the personal data. In some cases, Nils van der Celen can derive this consent from your actions and behaviour (e.g. the active opening of several newsletters without explicitly unsubscribing via the unsubscribe link). We can also process your data in the context of the performance of a legal agreement, the fulfilment of an obligation, or promoting the legitimate interests of Nils van der Celen. Nils van der Celen will always consider your interests, rights and freedoms, and examine if they do not weigh more heavily. Your data (with the exception of sensitive personal data) can be used for the sale and promotion of our services and to keep you informed of our activities. When receiving newsletters via e-mail, you are always given the possibility to change your preferences or to permanently unsubscribe. Your contact details can be used to contact you directly, by mail, telephone or e-mail. Nils van der Celen is in no way liable for the use that third parties make of your data, but does everything to ensure that your personal data are only used by our customers for the purposes of recruiting extras.

Access to and correction of data

You guarantee that the data you provide is accurate and complete. You have the right to inspect, correct and delete your data and to object free of charge to the processing and transfer of your data. This right can be exercised via Nils van der Celen will not store your data for longer than is legally permitted and in any case no longer than necessary for the purposes stated herein.

Transfer of data abroad

By providing the information that relates to you, you agree that your personal data may be transferred to servers outside Belgium for the processing thereof. This is always in the context of the agreement we have with you. Nils van der Celen will at all times monitor the way these external data processors deal with your data.


Nils van der Celen ensures proper and secure administrative, technical and physical processing of personal data, and provides security measures that protect against unintentional, illegal or unauthorised loss, alteration, access, disclosure, use or destruction. Examples of these measures include an internal policy for staff, access control to the company buildings …


Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer by websites you visit or e-mails that you open. They facilitate the functioning of websites but can also collect information for commercial purposes. uses cookies during visits to its website. We do this to gather information about the pages users visit on our website, to keep track of how often visitors return, and to see which pages are doing well on the website. We also keep track of the information that the browser shares. We save this information anonymously and it is not linked to other personal information.

The information that we register via cookies consists among others of IP addresses, browser type and the pages visited.

Necessary cookies are required to visit our website. They ensure, for example, that we know in which language you want to visit our website and that your language choice is remembered.

Functional cookies provide a personalised user experience, and remember favourite preferences and settings.

Performance cookies collect information about the way you use a website, with the aim of optimising user-friendliness or better aligning the content with the visitors.

Third-party cookies are used for the services of third parties such as Google and video streaming service Vimeo. These cookies cannot be influenced by and fall under the privacy policy of these parties. Only anonymous data is collected via these cookies.

Cookies usually have a time limit. For example, some cookies are automatically deleted when you close your browser (the so-called session cookie), while others remain on your computer for a longer period of time, sometimes even until you delete them manually (the so-called persistent cookie).

Privacy policy of third parties

For more information about the privacy policy of third parties that are linked to this website, please visit the websites of the respective parties. Nils van der Celen has no influence over these cookies and their privacy policy. These cookies fall outside the scope of the privacy policy of

Disabling cookies

ou can choose to disable cookies. This can be done via your browser’s settings. More information about these settings can be found on the website of your browser’s provider (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari…).

Keep in mind that by disabling cookies, some parts on the website will no longer be displayed correctly.


The processing of personal data at Nils van der Celen is subject to Belgian law.

This privacy policy is updated regularly. As an anonymous visitor to our website, you will not be notified of this. The last update was on 10 January 2019.

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